Cassie Gannis; Be Aware of Road Cyclist

Have you ever seen lone white bike on the side of the road?

I just had to get a quick word out about sharing the road with cyclists! A few days ago while on my way to the gym I passed an accident involving a driver and a cyclist. It did not look good! I thought to myself how did the driver not see the cyclist? The road is wide open and there was plenty of room. The driver had to have gone off the road.



Today I drove by the site and saw a” Ghost Bike”! For those that don’t know what that means, it is a white bike laid to rest at the spot where a biker has died. It is a profound memorial of the tragedy and a statement to cyclist’s rights.  In this case the story is that the driver was drunk and hit the cyclist during the day.


Please remember that we share the road with bicyclists. There are rules for drivers. The main rules for drivers are:

  • Give cyclist 3 feet of clearance
  • Beware of right turns: if you turn without looking and the cyclist is approaching but heading straight you both may collide. Remember bikes are moving at a slower rate of speed.
  • Beware of the left turn: Yield to an approaching bicycle just like you would a car.


3 feet — It’s the LAW


Along with this I need to say again, please don’t text and drive, don’t drive distracted and don’t drink and drive! Together we can SAVE LIVES!

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