Cassie Gannis; How I Decided To Work With Rescue Animals

Growing up my family was always about helping rescue animal.  We only got our pets from the American Humane Society or the Maricopa Animal Care or Control.  Our breed was the Mutt Breed!  I always thought that rescue animals made the best pets.


While working at Valley West Animal Hospital I got involved in fostering animals.  So many times people would just drop an animal off at the office, by our cars or near the dumpster.  It was so very sad!  One time we found 6 week old little black kittens out by the dumpster.  They didn’t even have their eyes open.  

Since these little guys require 24 hour care they have to come home with a vet tech.  Once at home I check on them every hour or so, feeding them with a bottle, helping them go to the bathroom and making sure they are warm.  

I will never forget the tiny puppy thrown in our office that was filled with ticks.  It takes a lot of hard work and patience to get these animals healthy.  

When it comes to removing ticks there are some very important things you need to know


I am lucky that when I have to leave the house my family will pitch in and cover what needs to be done.

My adorable pets
My adorable pets


Through Valley West I have had the opportunity to foster both dogs and cats.  I know it is hard for some people to foster but for me it is about bringing the pet to a place where they can be adopted and loved by a family.  It is very rewarding to see a fostered pet come back to the office healthy and loved!


Great places for pet adoption:

American Humane Society


Maricopa Care and Control


Friends of Arizona’s Shelter Animals


Halo Animal Rescue


If you take the time to visit one of these locations plan on spending a hour just sitting and cuddling with the animals.  It will help you feel hopeful and help the animals get to know you.  Never make a decision on what pet you want to take home on emotion only.  Take the time to find out as much about the breed of animal and the needs that it may have plus the benefits it has over other breeds.  This will help you make the right choice of companion that will share on conditional love with you.  The best feeling in the world when no one else seems to understand you is to have your companion pet sit on your lap, look up in your eyes, and express to you (in only the way they can) that they love you and will be by your side through whatever may come.


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  1. Cassie, you are so very inspiring. Compassionate to all creatures and dedicated to helping save the lives of each person’s pet that you can. Unconditional love is something that everyone needs to understand and by having the right pet a person can find out exactly how that feels.

    I love the “Behind The Shield” program for your private network of friends I look forward to find out more in depth details of how you plan out your career in racing and how you will help our small friends find the loving home to match their needs.

    Robert L Sasse

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