Cassie Gannis: Quarter Midgets Lit A Fire

Many times I have been asked how I got started in racing.  

Quarter Midget


My dad use to race an IMCA’s and from the first time I saw him race I knew that was what I wanted to do.  I bugged him so much that he finally took me to South Mountain Park to see Quarter Midgets race.  He also told me I had to learn the rule-book; so I did.


Quarter Midgets are a family oriented sport for kids. There are fewer injuries in quarter midgets than little league football.  Quarter Midgets have a fiberglass body and are painted to the drivers liking. Mine had a sort of blue water flame swish.  They run on a 4-cylinder Honda engine.  They have a roll cage, 5-point harness and are actually a ¼ scale small midget.


I was 10 when we bought a used quarter midget.  Once I got the hand of racing we bought a new one.  As I began to win races my dad and I decided to build my own in the garage. Building a quarter midget really help jump-start my interest in how the car actually works.  Building a car helps you not only understand the mechanics but the “why” things are done the way they are.


The thing I remember most about Quarter Midgets are the first time I got upside down!  I don’t remember exactly how it happened I just remember the part of being upside down.  Everyone ran over and all I could do was say that was fun.  I wasn’t hurt.  All the safety equipment worked so I was fine.  The best part about going upside down is that you get a trophy at the next race of a quarter midget upside down and you are then enrolled in the “upside down club”.


I hope you enjoy the photos I have included and this look into how this crazy ride all lit a fire in me for racing.



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