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Why Invest In Motorsports?

It's Simple.



Brand Loyalty

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Loyalty Among Fans

  1. Motorsports - 72%

  2. NFL - 38%

  3. MLB - 38%

  4. NBA - 36% 


NASCAR fans associate driver and car simultaneously with their sponsorship or marketing partner brand. Cassie Gannis and her NASCAR Super Late Model Team not only perform in the top 10 consistently but her off track reach is extraordinary. Races can be viewed live on All marketing partners are promoted on her website, all social media platforms (FB, twitter 17K followers, Instagram, LinkedIn 1500 plus-influencer), personal appearances and any VIP events she attends.





At Cassie Gannis racing, we offer endless customization of sponsorship/marketing campaigns. We work with our marketing partners to find creative and effective ways in which we can ensure that our collective branding campaign is effective as possible.

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Metrics on Motorsports Demographics

  • 80% of fans know which sponsors support motorsports
  • 92% of fans support brands that support motorsports teams
  • 44% of fans have switched to brands that support motorsports teams


  • Car - Hood, side panels, rear, Posts, Trunk
  • Fire Suit
  • Hauler & Parade Functions
  • Merchandise
  • Meet & Greets on Track & Non-Race Events
  • Social Media, Blogging & Website Promotions
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Example of Professional Nascar Sponsorship

(Not what you pay)

**CGR Racing Sponsorship Priced To Scale** 

Primary Sponsorship Cost
Cassie Gannis NASCAR Super Late Model #47 Photo taken by Tiffany O'Neall
CG Trophy Dash Winner 005