Perfect – Imperfection, Love That Purrs, Polydactyl Kitten

I never thought I would be a cat person! Never in a million years! I had fostered kittens.  They are very cute and I was so very proud to see them get adopted. But for me, I just preferred dogs.


One time an exotic breeder of Bengal Cats found a tiny Polydactyl kitten on her property. A Polydactyl cat is a cat that is born with more than the usual number of toes on one or more of its paws.  


This little kitten was an adorable polydactyl orange tabby.  For obvious reasons the breeder couldn’t keep it because of her own animals. She brought it in to Valley West Animal Hospital with hope of finding it a new home.  “HEY, I GOT THIS”

It was my turn to bring the little guy home.  Once home he just had such a wonderful fun personality.  I had introduced him to the other animals in the house and he just seemed to hold his own.  


I began to call him E.T. for Extra Toes.  I noticed that as the dogs in the house walked by him he would bat at them in fun.  He still uses his giant paws that seem to have thumbs as a big baseball mitt and a sort of hand.  He can steal a piece of chicken off a plate so fast you are not even sure it happened.

After a few weeks of fostering ET I took him to PetSamrt and got him a collar.  

It was then I realized I had fallen in love with the little guy!  

He was home!


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2 thoughts on “Perfect – Imperfection, Love That Purrs, Polydactyl Kitten

  1. Wow, Cassie the world creates beauty all around us if we only open our eyes, minds, and hearts to accept animals and humans as they are.

    Great Post, thanks for sharing I never new there were Polydactyl cats. He sure looks happy in his surroundings.

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