Rescue Dog Adoptions Rock! Help Them Adjust

I wanted to get a quick blog out to tell everyone about my sisters recent rescue dog adoption! My sister already has been through a rescue dog adoption. The wonderful dog happens to be a Husky named Shimano. She felt it would be a great time to get Shimano a sibling. So she stopped at a local shelter to adopt a rescue dog. In one of the pens they had a 3 year old Husky mix that had been found on the streets, dirty, hungry, and with some sores from possible bites. It was not sure how long that dog had been on the streets to fend for herself.  The poor thing seemed withdrawn and was set to be put down in literally hours. Unlike the other dogs that were going crazy, this dog was hiding in its kennel. Because my sisters dog has that kind of disposition with people she decided to approach the dog. The response from the dog was just what she was hoping for. The dog gradually came over to her. Like her current dog, the dog started to wag its tail and give her kisses. All the dog needed was a person to sit beside her.

Here are some tips for helping a rescue dog adjust to a new home:

  • Have your home prepared and have enough supplies for a week. (collar, lease, ID tag, food, treats) Having nutritional treats on hard are a great plus. But sure to check out KronchUSA treats.
    @Kronch_USA is an all natural, organic, grain free salmon treat.
    @Kronch_USA is an all natural, organic, grain free salmon treat.

    Be sure to have all emergency and vet numbers handy.

  • Have a crate with some nice soft bedding. Since this rescue dog has been in a kennel and surrounded by other barking dogs this bed may serve as a comfort den. Gradually give the rescue more and more access to its new home.
  • Keep activity in the home to a minimum at first. The rescue may have been bounced from shelter to shelter or been given up from his family. Increasing the activity in the home will help the dog adjust to its new home.
  • Show the rescue where the water and food bowls are. Be sure to monitor the intake and outtake of the rescue. Since the dog may have been living as a stray you will want to be sure get him back on a nutritional pet diet.
  • Be sure the the rescue has a safe place to potty and can’t escape from the yard, Secure gates and fences just to be sure. If you live in a hot climate be sure to have a shaded area in or a “cool pet pad” from The Green Pet Shop.

    TheGreenPetShop @TheGreenPetShop #CoolPetPad
  • Test the rescue with short periods of you leaving the home. Be sure to leave long lasting treats. Nylabones are a great long lasting safe dog toy.

    @nylabone Nylabone manufactures #dog bones, chews, treats, and toys designed to meet the chewing needs of any dog - no matter the breed, size or chew strength.
    @nylabone Nylabone manufactures #dog bones, chews, treats, and toys designed to meet the chewing needs of any dog – no matter the breed, size or chew strength.
  • Be sure to reward good behavior and use distract with unwanted behavior. If the rescue has an accident in the house, don’t punish the dog. Simply pick up the dog and place it outside. If you don’t catch the dog at the time, punishment will NOT be effective. They will not know why they are being punished.
  • Lastly it may take 6 weeks for the rescue to adjust so be sure to be positive and patient!

Well now Storm has a name, collar and a home! She is getting along well with her sibling Shimano. She enjoys playing, hiking and getting a bath of all things!

Storm comes home.
Storm comes home.

If you are thinking of getting a new pet, please check out your local shelter! In my area you can check out: Maricopa County Animal Care and Control and The Humane Society  These rescue animals will bring so much joy to your life! I would love to hear your stories about pet adopting and rescue. Share your rescue pet photos!