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Subconscious Mindset Training For Arizona Drivers: ADOT


Arizona Department of Transportation has really taken it up a notch and created some electronic digital sign displays that are educational and eye-catching. ADOT has taken the highway electronic signs and gotten people to engage with an important message while helping the subconscious mind train itself to avoid dangerous and bad driver activities.  

You don’t have to think to breathe your subconscious mind knows it is vital to life so it takes over and tells your body what to do.  If you create muscle memory through your subconscious mind you react 1000 times faster in any situation.  This is the motivation behind defensive driving and repetitive reminders or advertising that you see every day, all day, everywhere you are, even when you are alone in the shower you see and identify with something, a brand name.

So this is why ADOT has started a program that gently reminds you constantly of what could be ahead on the road of life.  You may not even see what is completely said consciously, but subconsciously you saw it all and have stored the information away for when you need it in life. 

This all started as a cleaver response to a recipe of all things.  A recipe in the New York Times that suggested adding peas to guacamole.’s-‘peas-guac’-message-gets-twitter-buzzing-fights-impaired-driving  Not sure about you but I have never heard of or wanted peas in my guac.  The Internet, mostly people from Arizona, screamed the very same thing. So the very cleaver people at ADOT decided to grab some attention against driving impaired and created a highway display sign that stated: “Drinking & Driving go Together like Peas and Guac “.



Well the highway signage worked. It got people to engage with the meaning behind the message of “think before you drink”.


When the new Star Wars movie hit theaters, ADOT once again created electronic messages to go along with the theme of the movie.


This is a pretty cleaver way to remind people to “buckle up” and “avoid aggressive driving.”


New Year’s continued with a message to drive safe and stay sober.

What I love about these signs is that it is getting people talking about driving safely and giving us all the opportunity for that little voice in our head to remind us of the right choices we should make.

I am really impressed with how this is working and want to send a big thank you to ADOT for being so creative.  I am looking forward to seeing what they post next on the digital display boards.

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