The Year To Monkey Around 2016 Chinese New Year Party

Tonight I had the honor to attend a wonderful dinner celebrating the Chinese Year of the Red Monkey. This celebration is based on the

Chinese Lunar Calendar

and is always somewhere in the period from January 21 to February 20. I was invited to the beautiful home of Lisa Loo in Gilbert, AZ. As soon as I got out of my truck I could smell the food! And if the smell was any idea of how the food was going to taste I knew it was going to be really good!!!!


Lisa, her sister and mom cooked all day for us to all arrive. The kitchen was filled with food and there was a high temp wok outside where a chef was cooking a Beef Chow Fun. Lisa called everyone into the kitchen and welcomed the people that had been to the celebration in the past and then had us all welcome all the people that were there for the first time, including myself.


The great thing about this dinner was Lisa explained some of the traditions that go along with the food. I hope I can relay them exactly how Lisa explained them but forgive me if I don’t get everything exactly right.

For appetizers we enjoyed pot stickers and egg rolls. I learned that these represent wealth.

I also learned that you never cut your noodles because they represent longevity.

There was a wonderfully cooked fish. I was told that you never turn over your fish because it represents a sort of boat and you don’t want your abundance to capsize.

I always love hearing about the traditions of food and sharing in other cultures it helps me remember that we may all be from different places however we all have value and culture to share and continue.





After eating pot stickers, egg rolls, Chinese chicken salad with lettuce and cucumbers, chow mein, asparagus, noodles with a pork gravy, mushroom shrimp balls, scrimp fried rice. and fish I was totally stuffed! Thank you Lisa and family for a wonderful dinner. Happy Year of the Red Monkey. I hope it is filled with much luck and prosperity. And thank you Lisa Loo for the wonderful time.




What culture do you share, I would love to hear from you and learn how you celebrate and why?

Talk to you soon

Enjoy your year of enthusiasm, self-assurance, innovation



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